Copenhagen – Weekend away in DK

If I lived in Denmark I’d be fat. Fact. Like super fat…obese to be precise. The place is home to the foods of my childhood and it is all so flipping nostalgic to me that I have to have it all when I am there. And there is a lot to pack in. Being that it was December and the lead up to Christmas when I went last, there was even more! See the most Danish thing my family brought to the UK with us when we moved is Christmas. Christmas Eve and all the magical food that Denmark has that time of year!

The list includes flodeboller (apologies for the lack of correct letters on this UK keyboard) pictured below. Strong danish cheese, aebleskiver, polser and the list goes on…the list means little to you I’m sure but for me when I headed over I had my game face on and was on the hunt for all these things, and all the things that I love about the city I spent my early childhood in.


The reason for the trip was my Granddads 100th (yep he did it! and wasn’t even the oldest one at the party) birthday and my dads 60th. Milestones for the famalam! The BF and I went a couple days early as I wanted to show off this gem of a city and show him some of my memories…mostly the foodie ones.

The order of service went: Arrive Thursday afternoon – getting to the city from the airport is a doddle! A few stops on the train and then went to collect our keys from our Air BnB host. We stayed a short walk from Nyhavn. This is a lovely pedestrian street on the water. A cobbled road lined with restaurants and pubs. This was our destination for the evening. The pubs on this road all seem to be on the basement floor, and there is a lovely feeling of cozy warmth which is much needed in the colder darker months…and it really is cold and dark! Somehow the Danes make it pretty though.

Their trick is… lights! Fairy, candles, lamps. Nothing gaudy but absolutely everywhere to really make you feel all warm inside. A thing in Denmark known as ‘hygge’. It’s a word hard to describe as it encompasses a lot, but it is unique to Denmark. A notion of warmth, comfort, coziness and comes into full force in December and around Christmas.

After the pub (Mcjoys) we stopped by a hot dog van (not like you know them here!) They are everywhere (called polser) and the equivalent of the English kebab van I guess but much much tastier and have well known chains. Seen more like upscale street food vendors. I love the danish hot dog (not a euphemism) it makes my life. Eat it. Eat it all day everyday. And if you have a hangups about hot dogs being all eyes and lips…get over it and eat it anyway. You’ll thank me one day 🙂 ….or maybe you won’t.

Day two involved a stop at the bakery for pastries first thing, a cafe stop for a great coffee and cheese sandwich at Forloren Esspresso followed by a trip to the zoo. Yes I’m always torn about the notion of zoo’s in general but it is a memory from childhood and I wanted to relive a little. It was pretty dead but still saw some amazing animals. Go or don’t go depending on your view of zoo’s, but if you do – December probably isn’t the best time to go.

After the zoo we went to a little restaurant called Nyhavns Kroen in Nyhavn for some traditional open faced Sandwiches, cider and aebleskiver – a typical danish dessert mostly eaten around Christmas. They are like little pancake balls and the joy of my life! The sandwich was roast beef with horseradish and crispy onions on rye bread. Delicious!

We ate a lot this day because soon after that we went home, layered up for the evening out and headed to China town for the one dim sum restaurant we could find called Fu Hao. There is not much of a China town in CPH but this restaurant was enough to fill the dim sum void. It was good, not great, but would easily go back if in the area!

After this we went to Tivoli. YAAAY!! Try and act cool now Kina. For those that don’t know, Tivoli is the best amusement park ever! Haha so maybe I’m exaggerating or biased! But it is one of the oldest and is definitely unique in that it isn’t all about the rides. Of course it has the usual rides (don’t think Thorpe park here though this isn’t quite as big) arcade and fair ground games. It is also a place where people go just to hang out on weekends or evenings. It has a ton of restaurants and pubs/bars in it, a theatre and performance stage and it attracts everyone from families, to couples, to business types who just fancy a drink or are having a work party. Literally everyone.

Tivoli opens seasonally and is decorated for each season. Being Christmas it had Christmas markets and was all lit up like a jewel! I couldn’t tell you how many miles of lights there were, but it was stunning! I love this place…even if I suck at the games they have there! Nil points for my target shooting abilities.

We had freshly made danish waffles at a little cafe (not the Belgium ones you get here in the UK) and some drinks at Bryghus while watching the lazer display.

We came back on the Saturday night for a family meal at Mazzoli’s. A lovely Italian restaurant in Tivoli. Out of the two days Friday was a better day to go as on Saturday night it was even more rammed!

The rest of the weekend was full of family time and a desperate attempt to get home after a car breakdown and a missed flight on Sunday night so I shall bypass that swiftly!

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? What’s you favourite thing about it?