The Mirror Room at the Rosewood Hotel, Holborn

This is going to be a quickie but a goodie! I had the outstanding luck of being able to go the the Mirror Room at the Rosewood Hotel Last week, So after work I popped over and was treated to quite the spread. It was a Thursday and the restaurant was quiet, but that’s how I like it.  Were seated on 2 seater soft sofas around what felt like fancy coffee table and low lighting  and candles reflected beautifully off the many mirrored walls. It is not what I would describe as trendy. It is grown up luxury and fine dining.

 All dishes are paired with delicious wines and the waiters are attentive and brimming with knowledge and suggestions. We started with a couple canapes  – Smoked Jerusalem artichokes with truffle mayo and the potato leaf crackers, tarama (any idea?…nah me neither) and Salmon Roe. Followed by the starter of  chicken quenelles, chervil Roots, spinach and truffle and then the duck fillet main shown below.

This place is not cheap . The cars outside the hotel are enough to show you how much money it attracts and is enough to give you an embolism (or make you dream) on their own. Maybe you’ll need to save The Rosewood for a special occasion, or maybe you are lucky enough to put this on your list of regulars but whatever your circumstance, if you do get the chance to indulge in some luxury then treat yourself and go! It is definitely worth it. I loved every second.