Mr Fogg’s Tavern, Covent Garden

wp-1454499433009.jpgI’m lucky enough to work in central London. Smack-bam in the middle of Soho where there is always a new place on the odd lunch break to try for a tipple. Usually on a Friday my colleagues and I shuffle out the office in search of some dehydration and last Friday we trundled over to Mr Fogg’s Tavern in Covent Garden, the little brother of Mr Fogg’s Residence based in Mayfair. And I’m glad I did. It’s such a lovely little pub…and it is little, but if you can find a space and a table, get comfortable and enjoy!


It has a stylish Victorian feel about it with the waiters dressed in appropriate attire, including top hat for the men and corset for the women. The cocktails  are delicious and honestly, who doesn’t get a good giggle from a menu that packs the word fanny in as many names as possible! Although I didn’t get a chance to try any, the food it look equally appetizing. Since going I have learned that there is a gin room upstairs which is a little hidden. I’m not sure how you get up there or when it opens but I am definitely going to find out!


With trinkets and pheasants hanging from the ceiling, copper water cups and proper beer mugs, this place is full of atmosphere and if you don’t want to pay Mayfair prices or go all out in Mr Fogg’s Residence then this is a lovely relaxed taste of the big brother. Only drawback being it can get busy quick but I’ll be back, because who doesn’t enjoy a good afternoon libation?! And the gin room is calling!