The Blue’s Kitchen, Brixton

My first foray into The Blue’s Kitchen was for Rib Fest and although I may have accidentally made my friends turn up 2 hours early for our booking (whoops), I was severely hungover and dragging myself around, it was so worth it!

Located on a rather sparse and grubby looking road, it would have been easy to dismiss but once inside the atmosphere was buzzy and relaxed. Being rather stupidly incredibly earl (I blame the hangover) we pitched up at the bar and yammed some free popcorn in our faces while we waited to be seated. 2 hours = a lot of popcorn refills!

I seem to becoming slightly obsessed with chicken wings and am always on the hunt for my favourite wing place. I’d say Blue’s Kitchen probably has my current top spot. It’s an ever changing list and has some tough competition so it’s sharing the top spot with a couple of other establishments. If you want to know which one’s, ask away!

The buffalo wings were spicy, tangy and rich. Stunning! A plate full of those alone would have made my day but it was Rib Fest so ribs were on the agenda. I wasn’t disappointed! A platter of ribs were brought out with a shot of Bourbon on the side to wake us up, and slaw and chips. Slaw and chips were not mind blowing or memorable but did the job in filling the gaps and brings some freshness and carbs to the table. The sad looking pieces of celery on the platter were pointless and I understand them adding garnish I’d rather they do it properly or not at all. The small lanky slivers would indicate they should have opted for none at all. The ribs here were very good. I wouldn’t say they were the best I’ve ever had (it’s a high bar that has been set!) but they were pretty damn good. Soft, charred, with a selection of BBQ sauces to suit your taste.

The desserts were solid. The sundae was everything you’d want. Crunchy chucks, ice cream, whipped cream, fruit sauce and marshmallows but the real surprise was the deep fried Oreo’s. Say whaa?! They may not look pretty but oh holy gluttony Batman! Dip these in the salted caramel sauce and fly off to sticky, battered cookie heaven!

Blues Kitchen can also be done on a budget with some branches having a £10 rib night on Monday’s. Get stuck in!