Souk Medina, Covent Garden

A couple of my girl mates and I have decided to try and drink a little less when we see each other. Calm down, it’s no detox or anything, just taking it back to non alcoholic standards! One of our new favourite haunts for a non drinking catch up (although drinking can easily happen here too) is the Souk Medina where we drink fresh mint tea (hold the sugar – the only hot drink I drink) like it’s vodka instead. The low lighting and cushioned benches create a warm cosy atmosphere where we can pitch up for hours. It also has a great informal but intimate feeling which would be great for a date. Of course on weekend evenings they have belly dancers too though I have yet to go at that time. You can go for drinks alone, with their tea or selection of cocktails, or go all out with the food. Speaking of which stick to the tagines! Apart from the pita and hummus which are moorish,the merguez (sausage) take special mention too, the side dishes are fairly average. But the meat tagines are superb! The chicken and lamb fall of the bone and are delicately flavoured with North African/Moroccan spices balancing sweet and savoury beautifully. It’s making me dribble a little just thinking about it.

As I’m sure you are all aware of by now, London is expensive and eating out can really drain the wallet so I love it when I discover a deal! Souk Medina is part of the Tastecard. Which I always forget I have as so many restaurants on it are fairly average but was thrilled when the waiter, unprompted (which is rare) asked if I had one. At Souk Medina it means Mon-Thurs it is 50% off the set menus. More food for less money. Score! The ‘Cassablanca’ menu is £19.95 pp ordinarily which means you get; hummus, pita, falafel, vine leaves, chicken tagine, lamb tagine,  chickpea tagine, couscous, baklava and tea (oosh)….all for just under a tenner with the Tastecard! Now if that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is. So if you have a Tastecard, get down there now! And if you don’t, get down there for the chicken and lamb anyway. They also make great leftovers. I always walk out with doggy bags!