Hidden Gem on a Budget – St Anne’s Court, Soho

Eating on a budget in central London can be a headache! Being that the majority of socialising revolves around either meeting for food or drinks, you don’t want your social life to suffer just because you’re a bit tight. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasonable street food places or eat-on-the-go places but to have a sit down meal it’s not always the case. Fear not, I’m here to help!

I found a lovely little Italian in St Anne’s Court in Soho. To be fair I have known it’s their for a long time. I walked past it most days after work but have always dismissed it. It’s small, not the prettiest place, rarely busy and always has lunch deals on on the board out front. Not usually a good sign! However on this occasion my friends and I were struggling to find a place to eat that would let their small dog in. On an off chance I thought of this place. And I’m glad I did!

Only two people running the place, I won’t lie to you and tell you it’s a gastronomic experience with the best Italian food you will ever have but service is accommodating and warm and food is comforting and tasty. With a menu of a few simple starters and mains of pizza or pasta and a price point of about £10 for a main, my friends were impressed. They also have a decent wine list although they had run out of prosecco on our visit. Of course.

It isn’t the best food I’ve ever had. But it doesn’t need to be! It was comforting flavours, in a warm atmosphere and welcoming staff. We weren’t rushed by staff in any way (unusual in London – everyone has a schedule to keep!) and I’ll happily go back and spend a leisurely evening of wine and pizza.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this place and I can’t find it on the internet but if you walk down St Anne’s Court just past Gail’s Bakery it is on your right hand side.

Cheap eats, great service and small cosy restaurant. Happy chappy! It’s a recommend from me.