About Me

Writer – Researcher – Travel Planner

Danish born, living in London. I search for all the comforty-goodness that brings joy and contentment to my soul both at home and on my travels. Largely influenced by a connection to nature, culture and the culinary. Environment and atmosphere are at the heart of everything I find, and everything I find must have heart.

Write and Review:

If you want a review written or need someone to find that great new restaurant to recommend. I’ll do the legwork so you don’t have to. The author of this little food fest and travel blog Travel By Tummy, I also guest review for The London Word about the London restaurant and bar scene. Check out my published reviews page to see more.

Research and Travel Planning:

Struggling to decide where to go or what to do? I love nothing more than trawling through all the options and sharing what I find and where I’ve been. I specialise in the unique, boutique and down-right cozy travel, with a large influence of the culinary to tingle your taste buds. Pop over to my Pinterest page to see my dream lists and recommendations for your inspiration.

Wander with Me:

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @kosykina as I hop from views to restaurants in all the places that bring me that ever sought after feeling of hygge.