About Me

Welcome to Travel by Tummy!

Being my first post, I will get the usual stuff out of the way first…me!

That’s me in the picture looking overjoyed with my brownie-ice cream combo.

To me, food, travel and culture go hand in hand…in hand, and I am fascinated with all three. From food, to places and Ideas, I love trying to find new things to explore. From hidden little gems, to over hyped establishments and cultural concepts,  it doesn’t matter…I’m intrigued.

I like to navigate my way by where and what I want to eat, hence the title. Food will feature quite heavily in this blog as it is a daily thing…and let’s face it, it gives me so much joy! Currently I am trying to tow the line between healthy eating (pop over to my other site UnRefined to check that out) and eating what I like. Which if  I had my way, would be cheese. All day, every day. Cheese. Would you like some cheese with that cheese?”

“Umm…yes! Don’t mind if I do…just put it next to the cheese.”

So to sum up:

This blog will be a mix of travel and everyday tips, pics and food journal with the odd rant, and philosophical (if you can call it that) musings I’m sure. Being that I’m a London pup this blog will probably be rather London heavy (luckily it’s and awesome city) and will evolve nicely as I go…here’s hoping anyway!

Hope you enjoy!



(just a note to say; all opinions expressed on this blog are mine, mine alone, and nothing but my own, yada yada etc. etc.)

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