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Randy’s Wing Bar, Hackney Wick

(First published on The London Word) Chicken wings, chicken wings, you are the joy of my life. I’m slowly starting to compile a list of my favourite wing joints in London. So when… Continue reading

Hidden Gem on a Budget – St Anne’s Court, Soho

Eating on a budget in central London can be a headache! Being that the majority of socialising revolves around either meeting for food or drinks, you don’t want your social life to suffer… Continue reading

The Earlsfield, in… Earlsfield

I’ve been eating out a lot recently and I’m having a hard keeping up but I’m going to try. It means some of these reviews are going to be a little shorter than… Continue reading

Souk Medina, Covent Garden

A couple of my girl mates and I have decided to try and drink a little less when we see each other. Calm down, it’s no detox or anything, just taking it back… Continue reading

The Blue’s Kitchen, Brixton

My first foray into The Blue’s Kitchen was for Rib Fest and although I may have accidentally made my friends turn up 2 hours early for our booking (whoops), I was severely hungover… Continue reading

The Leman Street Tavern, Aldgate

I have started branching out! Here is my first review for the Food & Booze section of The London Word. First published on their site on 7th April 2016. Hope you enjoy! Geronimoooo!… Continue reading

3 Days In Brugge

Last weekend I was in Brugge. Although I planned for a relaxing weekend, it turned into more of a heavy eating and drinking marathon. Brugge almost broke me. It hurt so good, I… Continue reading

The Mirror Room at the Rosewood Hotel, Holborn

This is going to be a quickie but a goodie! I had the outstanding luck of being able to go the the Mirror Room at the Rosewood Hotel Last week, So after work I… Continue reading

Big Easy, Covent Garden

  This might not be a new one to a lot of you but it was my first time at the Big Easy BBQ and Crab shack. They book up fast or have an hour… Continue reading

Copenhagen – Weekend away in DK

If I lived in Denmark I’d be fat. Fact. Like super fat…obese to be precise. The place is home to the foods of my childhood and it is all so flipping nostalgic to… Continue reading