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Beginning Muay Thai & Sumalee Boxing Gym, Phuket, Thailand

Sawadee ka! Last year I went on a little mission. I started learning Muay Thai. I’ve always been a slight martial arts nut but I’ve never had the time/money to really invest and… Continue reading

Trossachs National Park, Scotland

Up until last year I hated the idea of staycations. If I couldn’t get far away, it wasn’t a holiday. But with time restraints, a budget to stick to and the need to… Continue reading

3 Days In Brugge

Last weekend I was in Brugge. Although I planned for a relaxing weekend, it turned into more of a heavy eating and drinking marathon. Brugge almost broke me. It hurt so good, I… Continue reading

Copenhagen – Weekend away in DK

If I lived in Denmark I’d be fat. Fact. Like super fat…obese to be precise. The place is home to the foods of my childhood and it is all so flipping nostalgic to… Continue reading

From MIA to the DR. Part two the Dominican Republic

As promised part 2! A quick hop and we landed in the Caribbean. Woohoo! Early November and it was nice and hot. We were lucky too, being the end of the rainy season… Continue reading

From MIA to the DR. Part one – Miami

This is way overdue but I have a couple trips to steam through with you. The last couple months have been incredibly busy in the lead up to Christmas and I am only… Continue reading

Back to Where it Started – Iceland

It finally looks like life is showing some semblance of normality and getting back to a steady pace, so I have managed to sit down and get a few pictures together for you… Continue reading


This is very late in the posting and so the details are a little sketchy but I wanted to give those that haven’t been a little taster of what to expect in Venice… Continue reading

Budapest you Beaut

Hello again! I have just returned from my 3rd (but not final – yes I’m greedy) birthday trip. This time I went to Budapest, and I cannot say enough good things about it!… Continue reading

Morocco Birthday Weekend Away

I’m such a busy pup these days that things are really starting to get away from me. I have a backlog of things I need to write about, so before it’s too late… Continue reading