Morocco Birthday Weekend Away

I’m such a busy pup these days that things are really starting to get away from me. I have a backlog of things I need to write about, so before it’s too late… Continue reading

Dip N Flip – Best Burger Ever?

This is the Dip n Flip burger. Look at it in all it’s wondrous glory and know you are staring genius in the…well …bun. Dip n Flip is the new burger joint opening… Continue reading

Duck and Rice

  I love dim sum, in my tum! What’s better than a dim sum restaurant I hear you ask? A dim sum pub of course! Cider in one hand and Chinese food in… Continue reading

Reds True BBQ has come to Shoreditch

This has been a BIG week for eating and it started with a bang on Tuesday for a house-mate night out. I had heard of a new American bbq joint opening in Shoreditch… Continue reading

Have a Homeslice

      Just a quick post on my favourite pizza place in London so far, Homeslice. Based in Neil’s Yard, Covent Garden it is always busy which is the only downer about… Continue reading

Maison Bertaux – Best Patisserie in London?

 I have been on a mission! A mission to find the best profiteroles in London. Where I may not have quite completed that mission, I did find the best, or at least my… Continue reading


Birthday meal. A lot has changed since last time I wrote so here are the basics. I have a new fella, my bro and pops got married (not to each other) and my… Continue reading

Secret Cinema – Back To The Future *Spoiler pictures*

We have all heard about it by now, and half of you have probably been! It has been the most hyped and largest production of Secret Cinema event to date (and my first) with… Continue reading


Keu! was one of my favorite cheap eats when I was living nearer Hoxton so it’s about time I wrote a little something about it! Run by the same  company that run Cay Tre… Continue reading

A Breakfast Club

Hi folks! My boyfriend (J) came to stay last weekend, and as usual my first instinct was to organize his stay around what and where we want to eat. (why wouldn’t it be??)… Continue reading